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so we need more people on this list

Meantime, what's your least favorite Costner movie and why? And just for kicks, what's your favorite?

Alright, I'm going with Message in a Bottle. This movie is a simpering piece of dog shit who's memory, like the goddamn bottle in the movie, will constantly return to you no matter how many fucking times you throw it out to sea.

I saw this movie on my first date. Dude. LAME.

I only thank heaven that I managed to forget who Robin Wright Penn was before I saw The Princess Bride, or else I would never have been capable of enjoying it.

As for my favorite, that is obviously Robin Hood PoT, although I cannot stand Costner in it. I absolutely adore Alan Rickman as the Sheriff, so I only watch the edited version. Robin Hood: Pot, the good bits. Oh, I also like when christian slater says they cleared it and when morgan freeman says join me and be freemen like me morgan freeman.
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Alan Rickman


April 2 2006, 08:41:33 UTC 10 years ago

I think Alain Rickman most untalented and ugly actor I have seen in movies...he looks so terribly...and women don't like him....
I think your grammar is poor.